Small Things That Make Me Smile :)

Hey it’s Wednesday! Aaaand it’s my time of the week to list down the things which makes me happy. You see, Wednesdays are usually the suckiest day of the week for me. I have a sucky timetable, teachers love to give loads of homework and most of my friends are uaually absent so I spent my day bored to death.

Smile: Short five minute rains that wakes you up ❤ Zentangles ❤ Soap bubbles ❤ Playing pitthu after a ling time ❤ Silver sparkly pens ❤ Being told that I’m interesting ❤ best compliment ever<3<3<3 black sequined heels ❤ an arm full of bracelets ❤ Telling myself that I’m not ugly ❤ Neelgiri ❤ The blue mountains<3 I miss you already ❤ Going so fast in the car that the wind whips your face ❤ Eating hot yummy dosas on cold, chilly mornings ❤ Vaseline<3 Studying late in the night ❤ and feeling accomplished ❤ Black and whit floral pants ❤ Holidays<3

Keep smiling,



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