Last week, I realized that my best friend got beaten up at home. The way she said it was so calm and matter of fact, like it was totally normal. Unfortunately it is pretty normal in India. Maybe not so much among the upper middle class and the affluent societies but among the majority of Indians.Yeah it sucks balls. The worst part about knowing this about my best friend is that as much as I wish there is nothing I can do about it. Domestic abuse is practiced much close to me too. One of my earliest memories are of an aunt of mine crying her eyes out because her husband had slapped her. I didn’t understand what was wrong then. I thought it was totally normal. It was what happened to everyone, at least every woman. Now I understand the strongest rule. There was a reason kshatriyas were the kings though the Brahmins were better educated. Now I understand and if that is the kind of future that awaits me then I don’t want to have a future. Fortunately I am among the tiny portion of Indian girls who could at least hope to be able to choose their own spouse. Some of them at the most rural parts of India would not even know which forty year old grandfather they would be married of to till their first night. When they will be expected to let him shove his dick into their pure, virgin vagina. Then most of the girls would have an arranged marriage.  Whether you love him or not would not be considered. Does he have money? Would he be able to “protect” our daughter? Can we afford the dowry they are demanding? Will be the questions the bride’s parents would be asking themselves. And the girl would be tied by law. But sometimes arranged marriages do work. Look at my parents. They are perfectly happy. A daughter should be protected. And Protection is ensured through marriage. This is the idea of most parents. Before she can get married she should step outside the house without a protector i.e. a male member of her family accompanying her. It will save her from the prying eyes of perverted men on the street. Please. Eyes will see what it wants to see whether there is a brother present or not. But honestly, from experience, it does prevent lewd gestures to an extent. (And God! That can be such a relief.) I feel that a girl should be able to protect herself. Just because she is smaller than her dicked counterparts does not mean that she is less powerful. For god’s sake if she can go through bloody labor how the hell is she bloody weak? But that’s how the world works. The bigger and muscled rule. The entire mindset is like that. Nothing much anyone can do. Unless of course you educate the future generations. Before I end this unbearable monologue I have to say something about eve teasing. For those who are unaware, eve teasing is an Indian term used for perverted and lewd looks and gestures performed towards passing girls on the street. This suffered by females of this country aged from ten to ninety. It is so common that girls do not give it a second thought. But most live in the fear of a harsher form called rape. Where gestures are replaced by actual intercourse. Forced. Yeah it sucks balls. But you should be all right as long as you don’t step out of the house without a male guardian and make sure you get married to an ideal groom chosen by your parents as soon as you hit eighteen. Which is the legal age to be wedded here.

Yeah the world sucks,



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