My Bucket List

Recently I realized that we, as humans live for a very short time on this earth. Unlike the tortoise or some other animal we only live for like eighty to ninety years. It may seem long but it actually is not. “Time flies” you see. So I sat down and made a bucket list. I also decided that I will only die after I have finished all that shit I have written down. Here it is

  1. Learn to drive<3
  2. Drive through five countries<3
  3. Learn to ride a horse<3
  4. Learn to ball dance<3
  5. Visit every country in the world<3
  6. Learn Spanish fluently<3
  7. Vist the Grand Canyon<3
  8. Climb Mt. Everest<3
  9. Visit Mt. Vesuvius<3
  10. Climb Mt. Fuji<3
  11. Run the perimetre of the Great Wall Of China<3
  12. Learn to fly a plane:)
  13. Learn to sail a boat<3
  14. Learn to ride a bike
  15. learn to drive a truck
  16. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  17. See the meeting place of Indian Ocean and the Atlantic ocean
  18. Watch a FIFA match
  19. Watch an Olympic game
  20. Learn about the Mughal Era in India
  21. Learn about Greek and Roman mythology
  22. Visit the Red Sea
  23. Float on the Dead Sea
  24. Shoot something
  25. Cycle throught the U.S.A
  26. Start a website
  27. Visit the Panama Canal
  28. See the Vctoria Falls
  29. Learn Greek
  30. Read all the works of Shakespear
  31. Read the Odyssius
  32. Vist the Eiffel Tower
  33. See the Buckingham Palace
  34. Visit the Leaning tower of Pisa
  35. See the Mona Lisa
  36.             Scream
  37.             Self Potrait with the bandaged Ear
  38.             Virgin on the rocks
  39.             Last Supper
  40. Swim in Lake Victoria
  41. See the Hope Diamond
  42. Meet Princess Katharine of United Kingdom
  43. Meet Queen Rania of Jordan
  44. Meet Arundati Roy
  45. Learn to play the violin
  46. Get multiple tatoos.
  47. Learn fencing
  48. Own a rat
  49. Become a freelance writer
  50. Model for anything
  51. Learn Arabic
  52. Run 10 kilometre without stopping
  53. Meet Linkin Park
  54. Learn to use a gun
  55. Lear how to use a bow and arrow
  56. Lear Karate
  57. Learn how to use a boomarang
  58. Learn how to play polo
  59. Learn how to play pocker
  60. Learn how to play pool
  61. Get married
  62. Eat an eel
  63. Eat a dog in China
  64. Own a very fast black car
  65. Backpack through south america
  66. Learn calligraphy
  67. Apear on T.V
  68. Work for the U.N.
  69. Do something illegal and go to jail
  70. Learn to play the drums
  71. Dip dye my hair pink blue and purple
  72. .Get multiple peircings
  73. Get a date for prom
  74. Find Hot guy with brown hair and green and spanish accent<3 ❤
  75. Visit the pyramid of Giza
  76. Go for a hindu marraige cerimony
  77. Vandalism
  78. Cross the Shahara Deseart
  79. Climb Gangotri
  80. Visit Queen Cleopatra’s grave
  81. See the Nothern/Southern Lights
  82. Watch a broadway musical
  83. Go to Harry Potter world
  84. Go to disney world
  85. Be able to hold a conversation about cars
  86. Learn Italian
  87. Fly in a hot air ballon
  88. Read an entire library
  89. Learn to tattoo

Do you have a bucket list? If you do please share. I would love to know about it

Live a long life,



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