What A Bloody Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude.. This is so fucking messed up. I hate it. Yes. Its my time of the month. When anyone who come near me has a high chance of getting slapped on the face. When I can’t think straight. When my fucking vagina is bleeding to my death.

asdfghjkl!!!! I hate it.

And I’m sure every chick on the earth hates it too. Honestly though, I used to love getting my periods in my first two year. I have no idea what was wrong with my head then but it used to make me feel all sexy inside. This at the age of twelve, therefore I was veiled by the innocence of youth. But around my fourteenth birthday the menstrual pangs started. And God I wish it never had. It hurts so much I can’t do anything on the first two days other than lie on a bed with a hot water bottle and loads of chocolate and of course lots of screaming loud music and internet. Which is exactly what I’m doing now.

Last time I complained of the pains, my mother being the sweetheart she is told me that labor pain was just like that just a hundred times worse. What a sweet mother isn’t she? Well with that all the few dreams I’ve had of having kids goes down the drain.

I had a few hours of school today morning and what with the chums and stuff it sucked balls. By the time I came home I was a mess. I was shouting at anyone who talked to me. My poor brother and sister, they got the worst of it.

Anyway I just had to vent a bit. Here’s my list of what to do during those terrible days.

1.     Stay away from humanity. If you can’t make sure that they are a safe distance away from you.

2.     Drink loads of water. Yeah I know it’s annoying but it really helps. Keeping yourself hydrated can make such a difference. You don’t even get           all that pissed.

3.     Dip chocolate Oreos in chocolate sauce and eat. It is heaven. Especially on those chocolate craved days.

4.     Read totally girly, pink, fashion magazines online.

5.     Do not wax or pluck your eyebrows or anything. Cuz god it will hurt like hell.

6.     Hug a hot water bottle.

7.      I’ve got nothing more. But then I’ve only been chumming for like four years or something if you have any good tips please comment and let me know

A big mess,



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