You Do Realize I Don’t Love You



Almost everyone has one of those friends. He or she who has a huge crush on you and shows it in the sweetest way possible.  They hang out with you when no one else will. They show an amazing desire to hear you talk. In my experience nobody really wants to hear anybody else talk. They prefer to hear you sing. Sing their praises. So people who actually don’t mind hearing you talk are a refreshing change. But how much ever you enjoy their company you also feel guilty. Because however you try you absolutely cannot think of them as anything more than friends. I too have one friend like that.

One day he did something really sweet for me. So sweet I almost died. So after a night of stewing in guilt I gathered up all the straightforwardness I had and told him “You do realize that I don’t like you that way don’t you?”

Was that really that bad? Saying all plain and simple like dal chawal? I don’t know.

He got the message though. But being the romantic that he is he replied “It does not matter whether you love me or whether you ever can. But I’ll always be there for you.”

It made me wonder how much longer he will have this god forsaken crush on me. And whether he will want to hang out with me when he gets over it. I don’t think so. I don’t think he will find my weirdness cute then. He’ll just probably find it really weird.

I don’t want to get attached to this friendship and feeling that I’m damn special because one of these days it will run out.

Damn life suck for me. But it sucks worse for him.

I’ll just enjoy it while I can




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