Send A Net. Save A Life.

Send A Net. Save A Life.


Every thirty second. Every thirty god forsaken seconds a child dies from malaria in Africa. I need to swear. Can you believe it? Every thirty seconds a child who had their entire life to look forward to dies. That child who was the joy and hope of a mother. The pride of a father. And it’s gone. Snatched away from them just like that. With the death of a single kid the entire world is losing something. An opportunity to become better, to be safer.

And what do we do? We sit a home and go ‘aww… that’s so sad. why cant they buy some mosquito nets or something? Wait… malaria is passed on by mosquitoes right?’ Losers. Unlike us someone has started something. Something slightly more useful than sitting at home and whining about how slow your internet connection is. And we could actually help out.

A man called Rick Reilly started this thing called Nothing but Nets. It takes only $10 to purchase a net and make sure it reaches a mother’s hand, into a home and over the child’s bed (okay that line I copied from their site). But what he does is for every $10 you donate, they buy a net and gift it to a family.So you could help out. And all the Indians out there yeah I know the value of the rupee is falling like a meteorite. What is it now? 62 rupees for every dollar? Yeah but we still spend a whole lot more than 620 rupees for an I pad. For god’s sake we spent more than 620 bucks for a fancy shirt. So why the hell cant you spent a measly 620 bucks for saving a life in Africa. For god’s sake get your priorities right. So for all those blessed, kind souls who read my rambling and want to donate here’s the website.


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