Small Things That Make Me Happy

Well it’s Wednesday again and today was a really sucky day. The whole morning I was in such a bad mood I was snapping at anyone and everyone. I got into so much trouble for talking back to a teacher…  But then a lot of my friends took me to a corner and asked me whats wrong. I didn’t have answer. They knew it was not pms because I already had it like  a week ago. So what they did then was so sweet, they just gave me a hug and told me that it will be alright again. I was so touched I almost started crying, almost. So I realized that I did have a lot to be thankful for. Soooo…

Thank you for: paper snowflakes<3 pink hearts on black ❤ awesome friends ❤ this blog and the first likers ❤ Sidney Sheldon ❤ colourful bangles ❤ History lessons ❤ painting large backdrops ❤ bunking classes ❤ hugs ❤ Skillet ❤ Wattpad ❤ Avenged Sevenfold ❤ an awesome literature teacher ❤ My mother for being so understanding ❤ My parents for being being as open minded as conservatively raised Indians can be ❤ rock music ❤ my new skull t shirt ❤  my sister and my brother ❤ Books ❤ Just Books which enables me to borrow books at just 450 bucks i think ❤ gala darling for cheering me up ❤ chocolate cake ❤ oh so much more….


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