I Don’t Get It…


\Maybe it’s because I am not plump and has never been. Maybe it’s because my mum is fat and she keeps telling me how lucky I am that I have a flat stomach. Maybe it’s because I have never gotten teased for my body shape. But I honesty cant understand this constant obsession girls have on their weight and on the amount of calories they consume each day. I admit, I’m writing this article without even a mild understanding of the issue. So please don’t get offended.

I have countless friends that whine and weep about heir body weight. Some of them actually have a problem and I can understand that, but the others are perfectly fine they usually have a lot of boys after them too. I don’t understand it. I used to think that they used their weight as something to talk about when they were bored.

What I’ve always wanted to say to big people is that:

In people size is not what matters. It’s what’s inside. And if anyone judges you by your body it is not you who is at fault. It is who ever judge you as they suffer from a huge case of shallow mind. And your better of without them.I would say that you’r beautiful but I believe that beauty is a state of being not how you look. It is a very simple state of being. Once you’r sure that you are beautiful you are beautiful. Very easy to understand abut not easy enough to achieve.








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