Things That Make Me Smile

Yes. I know this was supposed to happen last Wednesday. But I was so sick I could barely walk from the bed to my desktop. Today too I have a disgusting taste in my mouth and fever of 103 degrees. It sucks. 

This Wednesday though I had an all school musical. We were all forced to do some kinda shit or the other. Thankfully I was a part of production. It was hard work but at least we were not locked in some room ’till our scene  came. But I was the only girl in the team so I had to listen to the boys talk about sports and the size of their dicks all day. Anyway because of our hard work we’re all getting ice creams as soon as school opens. So that’s nice.


❤ Halloween ❤ ice creams ❤ hanging out with the boys ❤ being called pretty ❤ pink and white ribbons ❤ yummy medicine ❤ nice, cool pillows ❤ festival of lights ❤ Diwali ❤ Dussera ❤ watching the stars with friends ❤ realizing that people actually liked me ❤ kisses ❤ hugs ❤ wind chimes ❤ hot showers ❤ dressing up in black ❤ blogging ❤ cute clothes ❤ pretty nails ❤ Good bye October ❤ Hello November ❤


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