Small Things Makes Me Smile..

It’s Thursday I know.. I was a day late in posting my gratitude list this week. Who cares?

It was a pretty boring weekend. We had Diwali holidays till Tuesday. Diwali it self was really fun but the holidays that followed it sucked balls. Every other school had working days expect mine. So I spent two days staring at my (newly painted) walls. I also facebooked like crazy which caused my laptop to be confiscated. But I got it back yesterday. Here’s my list:

❤ Diwali ❤ crackers ❤ good food ❤ crazy things ❤ painting walls ❤ internet ❤ lights ❤ karate ❤ friends ❤ that one guy who always hangs out with me no matter what ❤ thank you so much ❤ a month of freedom ❤ hugs ❤ new music ❤ love ❤ books ❤ John Green ❤ Veronica Roth ❤ books generally ❤ the teacher who taught me to read ❤ facebook ❤ happiness ❤ Escape the Fate ❤


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