Little Things That Make Me Smile…


This week was laced together with lots of love, pain, happiness and fear. It gave me strength through fear and fear through strength. It gave me love through pain and pain through love. This week gave me an opportunity to be strong and tell others how strong they are. It told me that if I work hard enough I can pass the physics exam. It told me that big, elaborate, shows may not give enough love as a few kind words. It showed me that pity can not me passed for care. It told me to that to grow you have to look fear in the eye. Through the sufferings of others it made me grateful for everything I have.


❤ my improved physics marks ❤ pink hairbands ❤ being grateful ❤ hanging out with friends ❤ being forced to go for sports ❤ feeling fit ❤ getting abs ❤ Hindi swear words ❤ history classes ❤ my boy best friend ❤ facing fears ❤ my acid washed jeans ❤ short hair ❤ my dad ❤ bodyshop lip balm ❤ candy ❤ fairy lights in my bedroom ❤ swearing ❤ facebook ❤ The Mortal Instruments ❤ wanting to kill Veronica Roth for killing Tris ❤ everything ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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