Good Night…. and other uncommon ramblings

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never written a disclaimer before so forgive me of I mess up. Umm.. I don’t intend any offence to anyone. I didn’t mean to discriminate or offend anyone so if I did please forgive me and remember that I am still young girl trying to sew her thoughts into words in a language that give plenty of opportunities to mess up. Thank you for listening.

Sometimes, those who seem very open minded at first are really not that open minded. They may seem to accept homosexuality and feminism and all kinds of other stuff which are out in the open now but they can’t accept their opposites. Ok maybe that last sentence didn’t make any sense. Maybe I can describe it better with an example.

A few days back I was talking to this woman, a friend’s mother, about God and religion and stuff. She believed herself to be very open minded. And she is if you look at her in the conventional way. She didn’t have a problem with homosexuals, she didn’t have a problem with dating (umm, if you are wondering the whole dating business is pretty touchy topic in India), didn’t have a problem with most of today’s social issues. But as I was talking to her I realized that she didn’t really understand the traditional outlook most people have in our society. I had a feeling that she felt that those who wouldn’t let their children date, because that is what they always believed in and that is what they have been brought up somehow inferior to her. Some how less exposed or with lesser intellect in some way.  I think that is wrong. I think (and what I think doesn’t have to have any value but it is my blog, therefore I get to say what I want) being “open minded” doesn’t mean being politically correct. I think it means accepting every thing. And not believing that some one with certain ideas which are not politically favored now is inferior to those with ideas that are politically correct. This does not mean that one should blindly accept everything. It means that you should fight for what you think is right (politically correct or not) and treat those who oppose you equally. And as most fights these days happen for equal rights, it would be pretty ironic if you don’t consider your those oppose equal to you.

…It’s damn late, I’m sleepy as a sloth. I really don’t know if what ever I said made any sense or not. But if it did I’m quite proud, because it was all a jumble of ideas in my head… 

Good Night,



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