Those Rainy Days…


These are the days I love the most, these are the days I adore. It’s a cold November evening, the sky is concealed with dark, heavy clouds all most bursting in to tears. I’m sitting on my balcony smelling the wet earth and sipping my favorite Indian tea with lots of milk and lots of sugar. On these days I feel almost blissful. So calm and content, on these days I almost believe that the shattered and broken state of the world is fine just the way it is, and everything is if not perfect, then content.

ImageSo today as I was having this perfectly bliss full time with my perfect chai and my perfect beanbag and stuff I was thinking that sometimes to make people feel better you don’t need to do a whole lot of big things.To make your best friend better you probably wouldn’t need to buy her a gift or organize something really sweet and get yourself all stressed out about it. Sometimes all you need to do is listen and give a few words of comfort to get her back to her badass self again. Well I guess it is kinda obvious you must have read it a million times all over the place, but sometimes people just need a little reminding. So I wrote it down here again. I hope we have more of this weather now.

Lots of Love,




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