Does one be patriotic or does one be an egalitarian? Or can one be both?

It’s election season here in India and all the wannabe politicians are making inspirational speeches and promising statements, oh those hypocrites. (Ok, that’s an totally unwarranted and ill based comment, maybe they do keep their promises, vaguely). All these talk, all of them are very patriotic. ‘Vote for us, we’ll take care all your problems. Vote for us, we’ll make India better than all the other countries. Vote for us, we’ll bring all those stuck  up Americans to their knees. We’ll make India better than them and rule over. Muhahahahaha. (That was meant to be the evil laugh thing. Did it work?).


But none of them strive for equality among all humankind like the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi wanted. They wont include that in their campaign because it bloody well wont work. No, nobody wants to live in a society where you aren’t better than your friends. Because it wont be all that great for your ego. Parents taking their kids out of certain schools because of too much competition is a perfect example. Am I straying from the topic?

Anyway,  I don’t think one can root for your country and want equality. Because when you support something, you naturally want it to be better than the rest. So, if I’m patriotic about India, I would give whatever special privileges I can to Indians than to persons from any other nation. If a Polish family moves to umm, China, the first thing they would probably do is find other Polish immigrants. They would not go looking for native Chinese to become bosom buddies. And if a South African and a Russian wanted a carrot. They go to a shop but they only have a single carrot left. If the shopkeeper is a Russian he/she would possibly give the last treasured carrot to the Russian consumer, thinking ‘Oh He’s Russian. I’m Russian. We have some thing in common. Mother Russia!!’.


And before I forget, I am terribly sorry if any part of this article has caused any grief or offence. That was not my intention. I never, honestly wanted to do that. So if it did I’m really sorry.

Then there is the flip side of moving to another country. Instead of missing and yearning for your mother land, oh god you might actually hate it. And be delighted to be away from it. Then you would probably do everything to keep away from you compatriot. Taking the example of the carrot again I suggest that then maybe the shopkeeper will still not be an egalitarian because he would give the carrot to the South African as he doesn’t want to have any thing to do with his countryman.

But I don’t think that you can help it. Choosing your country or not choosing your country depending on your experience of it absolutely natural. It’s in the human nature and you cant do any thing about it. So there’s no use fretting about it.

Writing this entire article because I learnt a new word ‘egalitarian’.




Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!!!! Merry Christmas!! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited I could burst.Christmas is my favourite festival other than Holi. I cant wait. All through my exams I’ve been going ‘CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS’ thats the only reason I could keep writing countless papers that will supposedly test my retentiveness. Most people think that… Continue reading Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love? Help me…………

Oooh Love. People tell us, the inexperienced, the teenagers that love is one of the most amazing feelings on earth. In fact they tell us that love is the most amazing feeling on earth. But I think it is love is a pit. A pit from which you can’t climb out of for ages. Then when you finally do you are covered in bruises and cuts and almost dead. Well, why do I have feeling that I have fallen into that pit. I’m scared. All of a sudden I’m all vulnerable. I’m scared that someone would find out how vulnerable I am and hurt me right where I don’t want it to hurt. Yes the person I think I am in love with does like me back back but I feel so naked, so broken.  Like you might touch me and I should crumble into tiny crumbs.

Some one please tell me I’m not in love. Someone please tell me this is absolutely normal teenage feelings which will depreciate in due time. Please…


Someone help me…….