Love? Help me…………

Oooh Love. People tell us, the inexperienced, the teenagers that love is one of the most amazing feelings on earth. In fact they tell us that love is the most amazing feeling on earth. But I think it is love is a pit. A pit from which you can’t climb out of for ages. Then when you finally do you are covered in bruises and cuts and almost dead. Well, why do I have feeling that I have fallen into that pit. I’m scared. All of a sudden I’m all vulnerable. I’m scared that someone would find out how vulnerable I am and hurt me right where I don’t want it to hurt. Yes the person I think I am in love with does like me back back but I feel so naked, so broken.  Like you might touch me and I should crumble into tiny crumbs.

Some one please tell me I’m not in love. Someone please tell me this is absolutely normal teenage feelings which will depreciate in due time. Please…


Someone help me…….


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