Why Do They Never Smile?

Oh for the love of God just smile a bit. And if you don’t believe in God for the love of humanity, and if you tend to hate humanity, for the love of your cats please smile. I swear nobody is going to bite of your head if you smile. Maybe you might even convince others that you aren’t going to bite of their heads either. Ohmygod!! You smiled!! The world didn’t end!!!!!!! See now you don’t only look like the pretty, hot, popular girl every boy has a thing for but you also look like your happy and nice not lie the mean, bitch you used to look like.

smile3Some girls, they have everything. The perfect body, the perfect, cute laugh (while the rest of us laugh like we have something up our nose), the perfect boyfriend, the perfect life. And I know hellava lot of these people. On Facebook they could post a picture of their shit and it would still get a million likes and a thousand comments such as “Oh so hot! :P”, “So prety!! wish i had shit tht prety”, “how do u poop tht awsm?”. With a bunch of hearts and smilies stuck at the end. And no these girls aren’t the typical, popular bitches. They aren’t mean. They are nice as rainbows and unicorn poop and that is probably why they are so popular (their looks of course matter, but right now I’m trying to paint the popular crowed not so shallow). But these girls never seem to smile.


Their lips are always pursed into an unhappy line and their eyes always look troubled. Like they don’t see the happy things in the world, just the sad parts. Sure, they probably have a lot of problems. I’ve heard that popularity goes hand in hand with a lot of troubles. Never actually understood what exactly they are though. But I guess it’s pretty creditable, for who hasn’t heard of the dramas that inflict them. Unfathfull boyfriends, cat fights, bad marks, hangovers, lalala. But still, they could still smile.


Once I actually saw a hot, popular girl smiling and God! What a beautiful sight it was. I could totally see what their boyfriends saw in them though I’m straight. She were not only ‘hot’ and sexy, but she was beautiful. I swear I just stared at her for five seconds before I even realized what I was doing.

Good Night!

Keep Smilin’



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