Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!!!! Merry Christmas!! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited I could burst.Christmas is my favourite festival other than Holi. I cant wait. All through my exams I’ve been going ‘CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS’ thats the only reason I could keep writing countless papers that will supposedly test my retentiveness.

Most people think that we don’t celebrate Christmas in India because we are mostly a Hindu country. And god only knows what will happen to the non Hindus  now that BJP is winning the elections. Anyway, it is true that most people in India does not celebrate Christmas. I celebrate it because many years before the apostle Thomas, (yes, the doubting Thomas) came to the southern state of Kerala and converted a bunch of Brahmins to Christianity. No I’m not a descendant of the Brahmins I’m a descendant of one of the people who accompanied St. Thomas. We call our selves the Kanha’ Syrian Catholics.


Kerala is filled with the likes of us. Of course like everything that has come to India from abroad, the railway to McDonald’s, even Christianity has been Indianised. What I mean by that is that certain properties of Christianity has been customized to suit the Indian audience. This can be seen mostly in our weddings. We don’t have the whole ‘you may kiss the bride’ thing because if you kiss in India everyone goes ‘OOhhh!! Yoou will have shapam.’  And the people would probably stone the couple to death or something. Call the girl a whore and a slut and a loose woman and shit.So we don’t have that.

We also have this thing called the mehandi which is a ritual right before the wedding when the girl’s hands and feet are dyed with umm, mehandi? I don’t know whats it called in English. If you have ever been to India you would probably recognize it as the tattoo which ladies put on their hands. It washes of after a couple of days. Yeah well, the mehandi was borrowed from Hinduism.

Christmas is special for me because its usually the only time when all my cousins and relatives get together. We all go to our ancestral home and make a huuuge crib and tree and decorate the entire house for Christmas. Also all the relatives who lives abroad comes over and they are filthy rich and brings us awesome gifts. And on Christmas eve we give each other gifts and sing Christmas carols. All the adults have wine and gamble. All the children try and steel each other’s gifts. Then we go for the Midnight mass and all the little children fall asleep and we, the older once would gossip and laugh about all the ancient grandmothers who are falling asleep in their pew. Ohhhhhh………. It’s so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you celebrate Christmas? With your family or friends ???

Merry Christmas!!



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