Little Things That Make Me Happy….

Ohhh my god! i am so happy. Christmas, New Year, and my fifteenth birthday is coming up. So yes I couldn’t be happier if you gifted me a library. So this Christmas we went to our hometown in Kerela. Us, kids were sent of first by train because we had to attend one of those annoyingly dogmatic Christian retreats which are meant to heal and make people believe in god. My parents sent me there hoping that I would improve and stop swearing and start believing in God so that they can get me married of to some nice proper Malayali christian boy. It was kinda hilarious what effect it had on me.  But more about that later.

So you must be wondering why I would put a gratitude list instead of writing a post or something like a normal human being. I well this Christmas made me realize that though I may not recognize them during the year I have a hell of a lot of things to be grateful for. So here we go.

❤ my god mother ❤ my cousins ❤ my parents ❤ my siblings ❤ Christmas time for existing ❤ love ❤ hugs ❤ music ❤ distractions ❤ adventure ❤ the forest behind our house ❤ my lehenga ❤ those big, huge balloons ❤ fairy lights ❤ books ❤ all my fictional boyfriends and husbands ❤ talking the entire night ❤ parties ❤ parents high on alcohol ❤ dancing ❤ new year ❤ gifts ❤ laughing ❤ inside jokes ❤ ice cream ❤ my guy ❤ who i totally don’t deserve ❤ my best friend ❤ my birthday ❤ everything else ❤


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