Book Review: The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Well, the first time I read this book was last year. And as every teenager discovers, I too found that I was very different last year. Less sensible, less mature, slightly more retarded, etc. Basically if I were to meet my last year’s self I would be thoroughly disgusted.

Anyway, when I read The Fountainhead last year I was just mind blown by the way she wrote the book.  A main character of the book is architecture. I say character because architecture is represented, described and discussed as though it was a live man. Architecture is a subject I have absolutely no interest in. However, Rand managed to drag me into the book and never get out. I thought about it for months, actually months. I searched out those few rare humans i know who have read this book and talked to them about it. All seemed to tell me that every time you read it you get a different idea of what she’s trying to say. So I waited till my next birthday and read it again. I’m still reading it as it is one of those books which you cant just flip through. And I have realized that tot read Fountainhead is to dig for a well. You dig an dig finding little droplets of water until you finally find the underground pond. Here the pond is the core idea of the book. Well, I have been reading it and all i have found is tiny bits of understanding. I guess I read the book too early. I hop[e that one day I shall be mature enough to understand the core. 




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