Smoking… the temptation.


smoking is BAD. it corrupts your lungs. it kills you. who the fuck am i kidding, i’ve wanted to try smoking for the last three years. yeah, it is rather a morbid desire for a twelve year old. i was twelve three years back soo… i guess many of you want to dissuade me from ever trying it. tell me with the weight of all the miserable years you’ve spent on this planet that smoking has never done anyone any good and once you become addicted to it, it will slowly kill you. perhaps you may even inform about pathetic, woe begotten stories from experience. however, i have read, heard many since i figured out humans could use their mouths inhale. Image

my father smokes. my godfather smokes. my grandfather smoked. when i first wanted to try smoking it was because of them. my child’s mind wondered what lay inside that cylinder rolled in paper that all these men ignored  the wisdom of my mother, my aunts, my grandmother and woke up desperately early morning or late night to puff puff puff. so many tales had been fed in to my ears tales of suffering, tales of rot, tales of death. but as the years went on i realized the reason these men in  my life smoked was a very weak. they were addicted. tied to something other than themselves. i despise that, to be human i believe one must be free. you dont know what happens at the end of it all.


so i decided to try smoking. not to become addicted but to try it. now you will smirk and ask why take the risk? what IF you become addicted with that one puff?  and i shall ask have any one seen the expression of these smoker’s faces? they look s calm, so empowered. they look as if they can deal with anything. like if any person man or woman tried to mess with them they would break their noses. <punching someone is something i’ve always wanted to do> i want to have this expression on my face i want to feel like i can fucking kick anyone’s asses.

as usual thank you for listening to my pointless rantings,



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