My Little Sadist.


I have a friend. Who on a sunshiny morning under the shade of a tree drinking green tea will calmly discuss how she planned to commit genocide and end the human race. <She plans to poison the air if you must know>


She also plans her own funeral <yes, funeral not wedding> and entertains many other gore and sick thoughts while she’s perfectly happy and content. Unfortunately the other day, she suffered a certain downfall which left her in a deep location of misery. She was furious and heartbroken. Like any other female her antidote was Nutella. Unfortunately, this particular jar of Nutella was being kept aside for another girl, Mary’s surprise birthday party. 


For a girl who devises better methods of torture than Lucifer himself in a state of content and bliss I totally expected her to like the jar of chocolaty paradise clean. Instead to my mild surprise she left the jar alone and turned her fury and grief on an innocent pillow.


When she finally came out of the room, she had confined herself to the queen of sadist presented us with the most amazing nutella-hot chocolate for the party that afternoon. 


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