Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes. That is the subject of my retarded ramblings today. I love Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Sherlock Holmes, not Benedict Cumberbatch and definitely not that clueless idiot who played Iron Man. Yes, I’m aware paths as dangerous as the Indo-Pak border when the cricket world cup finals are between the blues and greens <that’s India and Pakistan, for those who do not live in a cricket crazy nation>.

I can see why the 40 plus, but hotasfuck Robert Downy Jr. and the totally lust worthy, can-never-be-accused-of-rape, Benadict Cumberbatch would be appealing to people my age. <Yes, just cuz I dislike the shows, it does not mean that I dont appreciate the merchandise.>

Arthur Conan Doyle, like Thomas Hardy and many other sublime authors, was a master of action within idleness. If you have, by any heavenly or hellish miracle, read some of the original Sherlock Holmes you would have an idea how he works. With that insane deduction and awesome use of his mind he did he solved his mysteries.

The natural Sherlock Holmes did minimal physical work. Unlike the film reproduction of him, Doyle’s Holmes would be useless in a hand to hand combat. He solved most of his mysteries sitting in his arm chair and smoking an insane amount of his pipe. His deduction skills were supreme. He would notice all sorts of things from what is right in front of our eyes, a skill somehow the rest of are deprived of.

Another, rather exquisite creature that seems  to be playing hide and seek in today’s hotter, sexier representation of Holmes is Irene Adler. Irene Adler the beautiful, Irene Adler, the only women to have defeated Holme’s quick mind. Irene Adler, a woman so great that Holmes would forever revere her and give her the title of ‘the woman’. She was never seen after ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’. She was not one of those cartoons of rabbits which cannot resist but pop through their burrows every ten seconds. She appeared in the one mystery assigned to her and left an indelible mark. She was then referred to with a certain reverence. Not like a clingy ex girlfriend.

Sherlock Holmes is also not Iron Man. Someone, anyone explain that to Robert Downy Jr. An actor acts, different roles in every movie. They dont always play the same arrogant, noble, cracking funny jokes with a straight face bastard in every movie. Sherlock Holmes don’t , cant crack jokes. He is as humorous as a lamp post. RD Jr.’s version of Holmes did make it more interesting and way more bearable. I’m sure with out him the tickets wouldn’t have sold half as fast. I’m sure it’s essential to entertain today’s age and time. But for the sake of us, the old fashioned people, please, please, please have some reverence. If you must rip it apart do so gently lest those with a weak hearts would break.


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