Lets Pray..

Okay this is going to sound like the most cliched and repeated statement. But for me this is not a statement. This is a prayer. The prayer I whisper fervently every time i go to church, my eyes closed and my hands clasped, “Please, please don’t make me like the others.” People live for others. I dont want to live for others. I want to live solely for myself. People say that’s not morally right. That one can find true happiness only while dedicating your life to serve others. Look at Mother Theresa, they’ll say, look at Mahatma Gandhi. Living for yourself makes you selfish and compassionate. But if you don’t live for yourself then who will you live for. People make their choices based on what their parents say, their teachers, their friends. People build their lives on advice. Given by people who don’t fully know you. because only you can know you completely. In their constant need to be right and approved people often forget their own happiness. They start living for the image they present to the world forgetting that the only image that matter is not an image at all.  So every time I go to church I pray. “God please, please, dont make me forget myself”‘


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