Chinese Lanterns Which May Not Be Chinese Lanterns

Okay, don’t murder me. But till I was  like twelve years old I thought Chinese was the language spoken in China. No, no don’t rant at me about how ignorant I was okay? I was twelve and till then I lived in a tiny village in India. I didn’t know shit. I had never even heard the word Mandarin.

So anyway, last week in school we had some kind of fair thing. I was in the decorations department and I was told to make Chinese lanterns. So I googled up Chinese Lanterns like every other teenager living in this century. And sweet Jesus, wasn’t there so many types of lanterns tagged Chinese.I didn’t know which was the original one.

Anyway I made these.And to make it look conventionally Chinese I had to put Chinese characters on it. I translated love and light from google so i don’t know how accurate that is. Please don’t kill me for ignorance or any sort of racial prejudices because i meant non.

20141020-0003 20141020-0004 20141020-0005


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