Hi.Hey. Hello. It’s been a while since I blogged last, however, i have excuses…exams, holidays, my birthday!!! Yes I have finally hit sixteen!!!. I am sixteen going on seventeen, Innocent as a rose… Well you may care to remember however innocent a rose may seem the thorns can draw blood.

Anyway, this Christmas, I went to Jordan!! I would recommend it to any one. No no no.. don’t dismiss Jordan so easily, there is shit loads to see here. We were there a week and we could barely finish anything. I swear I could have spent that week exploring the Dead Sea alone.

Dead sea was awesome! I never expected it to be so easy to float there. However, pray to all the gods you know that you may never taste the water. I, being as innocent as a rose, dipped my finger in the blasted water and placed the same finger in my mouth. The water was so salty, to wash of a drop of dead sea water I had to drink an entire bottle of water. But the mud, the holy mud did so much good for my skin. Naturally my palms are as dry as a desert, five minutes playing with this mud they became as soft as a petal. It was awesome. If you want to go there I advice you to make haste. The Sea is decreasing every year. The Jordanians are very worried.


Petra!!!! How many of us have heard of Petra? Lacking the fame of the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, it has not been commercially raped of it’s awesomeness. Petra, is an entire city carved into a mountain. No it is not some tiny little caves but huge astounding mansions and palaces. To reach the main city, one must walk a narrow path one kilometer long flanked either side by huge ochre hills. This in itself is grand as fuck. Then the path opens up on to the treasury which looks something like this..


Well, it was amazing. The best holiday I’ve had in years.


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