If you haven’t got it yet pray and hope you never will. A sickness founded by the devil himself. Who else but one with a mind as devious as Lucifer himself can think to creation such a disease. To grow red, pulpy boils all over one’s body, in literally every corner and niche. And they itch. These boils itch and tickle, one goes insane. The need to scratch becomes all most unbearable. But that temptation, my friends like many other temptations by the devil, is merely a trap. If one busts even a single one of those god forsaken boils, you are left with an ugly scar, to curse you for the majority of the foreseeable future

If that is not punishment enough, chicken pox is highly contagious. Mere fifteen minutes in the same room as one of the poxed, you may have contacted the disease. However, the pox is as sly as it is contagious, appearing only a  fortnight later. And one only relieves one’s self of the disease after a further fortnight. Two weeks of continuously being hampered and tortured by these deviled boils.

So my dear friends, call in all your favors, save yourself from this test. For it is the mightiest of all.


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