Mr. Darcy…

OH MY SWEET FUCKING JESUS!!! I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen, obviously). I cant get over how amazing it was. I finally get what all the fuss was about. And why my english teacher wished all men were like Darcy. I fucking loved it. Though my weird ass friend drew goku on the cover. (Can you believe it? He drew Goku on the first page.) Anyway.

I got so excited at the end when both Liz and Jane were going to get married I called up this guy and told him I would go out with him (Fuuck I think that’s going to back fire). I loved the characterization. It’s a wonder how Austen managed make Liz seem the perfect woman. A little unfair, however, she effectively gave each of the other four sisters and disadvantage, making Liz the only sensible one but leaving Jane tolerable.


The plot is slightly slow in the beginning. However, the dry humor  and amusing dialogues make one wish it never stopped. Reading it was magical. Every girl should read it. All pale pink roses and the blue blue sky.


P.S. Mr. Darcy’s christian name is… nothing sexy like James or William..well William is close. Its FITZWILLIAM!!!! I got the shock of my life when i read that.


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