I am DONE!

I finally finally done with my board exams! I have never before enjoyed such relief.  A month and a half long continuous torture, only to realise the rest of my life is going to be the same or worse.

Anyway, I am in DELHI!!

I love love love Delhi. As long as I don’t have to live here. It is one of my favorite cities.

The capital of India for over 500 years, Delhi is the centre of history, culture  and the very core of being Indian. There is no other place which is so grossly Indian in every aspect.download

An average Dilliwala is a politician, a journalist, an aunty, a chai-seller, anybody and anything Indian. The world is a person and Delhi is it’s life.

I love every bit of it!

‘’Tombs of emperors stand beside traffic junctions, forgotten fortresses command suburbs, the titles of lost dynasties are woven into the vernacular, if only as street names.’’

No where on earth will you find such contrasts. The very essence of our souls.

download (1)

So I have’t really been the most regular of blogger so I came up with a plan! I shall write a series of articles known as the  Dilli Chronicles recording my three week stay here.  So I promise myself that I will write atleast ones a week. And that will hopefully get me in to the routine and I will start writing more regularly. Now bye


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