Delhi Chronicles Part 1

Week One


  1. First day in our dear old dilli  I am handed a pepper spray. And me with the awkwardness of adolescence promptly manages to spray my own face with it. The rest of the day is spend with burning eyes and coughing throats. At least it works.
  2.  Heat baking our intestines and melting our skin. It’s like living in an exhaust pipe.
  3. The sand storm viewed from the sixth floor can be fatal or one opf the most beautiful sites you have beheld, depending on the angle of your standing. Strong winds blowing the resident pigeons of the course of their travel, almost on to our faces. 10945773_10153355948328544_1727808203541596310_n
  4. The smell of the expected rain on your skin and your hair. When it does come the colour of the leaves turn brighter and greener washing away today’s suffocating dust only to be smothered tomorrow.
  5. “Yeh shehar nahi mahfil hai”
  6. (It’s not a city but a gathering)
  7. Every vehicle in this great city seemed to be owned by a proud and enthusiastic teenager, so incessant was the honking.
  8. The Delhi Metro: bringing home with the grace and exhaustion of a long awaited ceasefire, the city’s beloved and sweaty Punjabi aunties from their eternal battles of prices with the roadside shop keepers.
  9. 1897851_10153355950503544_4073197241790637042_n (1)
  10. Lodhi Gardens the most famous of Delhi’s countless gardens, connecting today’s dust to the ancient era of grand tombs, jewels and fruit laden gardens. Centred around the corpse of old royalities : Sikandar Lodhi and Mohammed Shah, there is a grand and beautiful track occupied by joggers and those who ogle at joggers.
  11. Anandi – tea room or Anandi Himalayn Tea is one of those jewels each city presents to very few and select persons. It is that pact of exclusivity and unique personalities which I am so carelessly tearing apart here. Hidden in a small ally, Anandi serves tea of every imaginable kind. *

More next week. *10A DDA, Shahpur Jat (Near Asiad Village), New Delhi – 110049


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