Delhi Chronicles Part 2

Sorry sorry, I’m a week late. But…. I’m Indian. So it’s excusable. My trip got unexpectedly shortened so I only stayed in Delhi for two weeks instead of three. So this is the last set…

  1. One of the greatest disadvanteges of living anywhere else than in the vicinity of India is Yo Yo Honey Singh.  Delhi is bursting at the seems with him. He is everywhere. There are radio channels which only play him and half the population of the city seems to have learnt English directly from him. He is the monument to every Delhi-ites soul download
  2. Shahpur Jat, Hauz Kauz Village. Just find it and go there. It’s beautiful and heartwarming. And even more so if you saw behind the veil of the posh shops and into the streets behind in which stray dogs and sick children mingle without care. where exploitation and poverty are the only realities. But each adult here have skills which mark them as experts in their chosen art form. Zari making, embroidery, carpet weaving, kite making. These invaluable jewels of our country go unnoticed and unpaid under the watchful guard of our capitalistic lions.
  3. If you are staying in the nice parts of Delhi, where the skyline is made with trees not building, (yes they do exists) you must notice the peacocks early morning. They aren’t in fact native of Delhi. An old Mughal Princess ordered them imported here from the south when she constructed the vast and beautiful gardens the Mughals are famous for.
  4. The Delhi Boys. What can you say about the Delhi Boys? Well, a lot has been said about them. From what I’ve heard, they are like a certain species of monkeys you find in my hometown. They attack if you look them in the eye.  So this is what I’ve heard. But not really experienced. (But that is probably because I look like a fourteen year old boy). So a week into roaming about town, one acquires a new skill. The skill of knowing exactly how many people are around you without ever looking any of them in the eye. The skill of keeping a perpetually pissed expression on your face.  But saying that, some of the Delhi boys are cute as hell, and nice too. download (1)
  5. Find a dirty stall, eat the dirty golgappas… EAT THEM!!! and the momos(called dumplings in fancy restaurants). They are AMAZING!! But the next day, if you haven’t lived in India long. You will either not be able to shit at all, or you wont be able to stop. But it’s worth it!!

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