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So yeah I couldn’t hold of till the end of the month. I was way to excited. January for me has been a month which just sprung surprise on me until I couldn’t breath. One moment I was suffocating, and the next love grew flowers in my lungs. I truly hope for the rest of the month, hopefully the year, life doesn’t spring anymore surprise. I really don’t think I can handle any more.


Here you go, decode the battle paint of the pretty people.

Women’s guide to being bossy

Why I dont date White cis men

The new video by Kalki Koechlin will make your blood run cold. I mean I love her. She is truly one person who uses her visibility and status to do something for feminism. Unlike our dear Parineeti Chopra who denies she’s a feminist in any sort of way.


Motivation!! Honestly this is the only thing which got me through my IB exams.

You guys! Hometown. Look at it! I miss it!! Vidya wrote a remix of the ancient song which fishwives used to sing for their husbands during storms.

The french made the over use of skinny models illegal! How awesome is that??

The new AXE commercial is whole new step in the advertisement world. Men in heels, manners and awesomness.

Listen to yourself. Your son is watching.


So yeah! This was what I was excited for. Good luck for the rest of Jan people. Pray it goes well for me.






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