Im gonna tell you a secret today.

I like farting. I find it extremely satisfying. I’m not even that repulsed by the stench.

Now, how many of you know the ‘dirty old man’ of Indian journalism? If you are blissfully ignorant of him, he was an old sardar known as Khushwant Singh. I can just imagine him sitting outside and watching the sunset in his old Delhi bungalow, drinking whisky and eating raw garlic.

So he (between the outrageous revelations of the secret sex scandals and drunk pillow talks he’s been privy to), told us, in his book, ‘Delhi’ the pleasure of farting.

Now when my mother, my friends, my cousins, my acquaintance, my relatives and every one who has ever read that book professed their disgust and revulsion at that chapter so did I. But secretly I related to it. And I enjoyed it. I was relieved to not be the only person in the world who enjoyed farting, though it assosiated me with that ‘dirty old man’

Anyway, farting is wayyy more satisfying than shitting will ever be.


8 thoughts on “Farts!!!

      1. Oh my god! I think you just made my week. Thank you soo much. I don’t really have any other blogs.
        But do you have any suggestions on how to make my writing better??

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