Some good.

Today my fourteen year old girl friends came to me and told me that some of the boys in my block were trying to take pictures of their butts. Hence, they said, they were hiding in the gym.

Honestly, I lost my shit right then. I couldn’t believe they were hiding.

So I, after a long pep talk, took them to that boys mother and told her everything. I think she understood. Yes, I think she did.

But she did call her son. And ask him about it in front of us. Claiming, like all mothers tend to, that their darling son didn’t even dare to talk to girls. Let alone harass them.

But, I think she did understand. And I hope, she will in her small ways convince him to respect women.

I think I did some good in the world today.

My brother is his friend. I think I taught my brother some thing about girls and our voices today.

Yes, I think I did some good today.


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