Damn it.

I may lose my virginity tomorrow. I’m scared. Though it’s just a social construct.


10 thoughts on “Damn it.

      1. That is someone else’s expectation that either is associated with religious beliefs or old ways. Today there are forms of birth control and staying safe. It’s your body, and you should have the right about how you live your own life. This moment should be private among your friends and family but be sure he respects that about you too, and willing to deal with any consequences if you are found out (like upset parents, pregnancy scare, wanting a relationship beyond sex, if sex will happen after the first time).

      2. Well, parents are this whole other dimension of problems. They almost threw me out of the house when they found out I was kissing a boy. God knows what will happens if I have sex at sixteen.
        But I also think that it is my life. And I’m not doing this rashly or for someone else. I want it.
        I really wish my parents were okay with it.

      3. Your parents are human too. They aren’t ready for their little girl to grow up. They think by stopping you to try boys they can keep you innocent longer. They also don’t want you getting heartbroken, pregnant, get a disease, or start fucking every guy that comes by.
        You should be mature enough to make your own decisions but also prove your can be responsible too – use condoms, find a safe spot, like his house or a hotel, don’t take pictures, and keep your business to yourself. You’ll love it. Be sure he’s ready too. If he doesn’t want to use condoms or wants to tell people after it happens then he’s not mature enough for you. It’s an amazing thing sex but it’s also life changing and emotional.

      4. Yeah, I understand where they are coming from and I’m not blaming them for anything. I also know what I’m doing is not wrong. And I’m ready for it. Its just that I want them to be a part of this too. I want to able to talk about this with my mother. I really wish I could. Maybe in a couple more years, they will realise things are not the way it was and morals too change with generations and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe then I’ll be able to talk about it.

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