Sexism in School Dress Codes

Too true


I was always taught to stand up for what I believe in, that fact isn’t going to change because sexist officials hold power of me. I am a 16 year old girl, if you are sexualizing me YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. The  majority of public schools say the dress code is in place so males don’t become distracted. That statement insinuates that female education is not as important as male education, and underestimates the maturity of males. I completely understand some rules are in place to keep the modesty of the school in tact, but there are also some major issues.

  1. Boys vs. Girls: A huge problem with dress code is how blatantly sexist the rules are. Why are me knees and shoulders considered inappropriate when males have no restrictions of the same kind. Boys were muscle tanks that show their shoulders and often their nipples as well, but if a girl wore the…

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