Last week, in Uttar Pradesh, India, a man was lynched. Why? You wonder. Did he rape someone? Murder someone??
Ohh no….

Not in this great country.
Here, our communal morality or conscience does not allow us to lynch someone for such petty crimes.
Murder or rape it seems. Pah!

What is all that compared to (gasp) having beef in your house?
Mohammed Akhlaq and his son were beaten to death and critical injury for the vilest crime of all. The mortal sin. Having beef in their own home.

Fuck! How could they do that? Beef?? That shit is holy.

Holy for Hindus that is.

Hindus consist of almost 80% of our population of 1.2 billion. How ever, we were supposed to be a secular democracy!

But apparently all that went down the drain when we elected the hinduvata preaching BJP who are more religious than political.

This my friends, is how a country murders its own freedom.

I’m going to be writing more about this. Oh no… I’m going to ranting about BJP and religion in politics for a while.
Deal with it. It sucks!


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