The Boys only Vegetarian School.

I’m going to sound so spoilt right now but, how can you have a vegetarian, BOYS only school so close to such a great city and never let them visit!!!

No seriously!

I went for an inter school conference last week. The school I went to was huuuuugee and beautiful. But it was vegetarian, and boys only. It was on the outskirts of Bangalore, and they never brought the boys to Bangalore at any point in time. They see girls ONCE a year!!!

I’ll tell you what happens when a school lets their students see girls only once a year. The boys grow up Hot! and nice and sweet, mostly very respectful. But the school management will freak out every time they see legs carrying a vagina. I mean seriously, they’ve even got all their cats neutered.

They warned our escort teachers to not let the girls walk around alone. My sixty five year old teacher’s brilliant reply: “Why? Are you breeding the boys to be rapists here?” (No seriously, I love her. She’s the best teacher in the world!)

Even of you have teachers to keep an ‘hawk’s eye’ on the boys and girls, those who want to grind on the dance floor will, those who want to make out will do so, those who want to live will.

And come on! Boys school? Fine. But vegetarian school? Are you kidding me?


2 thoughts on “The Boys only Vegetarian School.

  1. Probably because veggies can never be rapists. Because veggies aren’t alcoholic or druggies. What would they have? A ‘lauki’ (bottlegourd) ‘chakhna’ with drinks?

    Jokes apart, I think such schools should have a compulsory lesson on girls.

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