Fun life

Right now I feel so unwanted. I didn’t go to school today because two of my cousins were here, I took them shopping and it ended up with them both talking to each other and ignoring me. I haven’t seen anyone from school since three days now, including my best friend and my boyfriend. Nobody seemed bothered. I have no texts, ever. Calls are as rare as a shooting star. And invitations to anything is so rare it might as well be the loch ness monster. Actually the only text I’ve got in the last three week is my school house captain yelling at me because they lost points cuz I didn’t go to school today.

Fun life.  Ahh one must survive .


One thought on “Fun life

  1. and they say blood is thicker than water. My cousins ignore me too i think its a cousin thing idiots. Also i know you dont know me but i understand about not going to school im in college and i have some amazing friends but i barley go and i practically never see them. my motivation just sucks ass tbh.

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