The liar who can’t act.

You know what’s fucking hilarious?

I am part of three acting groups. One of them is the most prestigious group in Bangalore, and probably all of South India.  I’m the head of one, and the manager of another.
So here, what is so fucking funny is that I can’t act.
I cannot act to save my life.

So here I am, in the green room, trying to get my shit together for the play which is about to happen in the next five minutes.

I am going to scream.

Or explode.

I don’t know.

I will get through this the way I got into this. Through lies and bullshit.

“Oh yes ma’am, acting is my passion. I loved it since I can remember.”

So acting will be my passion. It will be my childhood love.
I will survive.

Sciences Po better be fucking impressed with this crap.


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