New Year

We took up our bags, collected our spirits and made a journey to the extra ordinary Kuala Lumpur to welcome this brand new, virgin year.

As we stood under the sweaty, perfume bathed hoard of individuals under the glittering lights of the twin towers, I received enlightenment. With the light of these famous, yet over shadowed, architectural wonders reflecting off not only our eyes, but also the glass covered buildings around us I was taught the skills of life.

At new years, there will be puke every where.

I mean, every where.

For the children whos barely ever seen drunk people before, let alone drank them selves, this was revelationary.

So this new year, is to all drunks of the world.
To all the hangovers and asprins tomorrow.
To the kissing couples, who made my little sister covet her eyes and burst in to tears.
To the 56 people who stepped on my fractured tired little left toe.
To the boys who never took a second look at me.
To the boy who proclaimed his love, yet hasn’t spoken to me in a week.
This new year is to all the failures and discouragement of 2015.
To all the people who said ‘your not enough’
To all your doubts and hopeless abysses.
This new year is for us all.

Let last years tears, sweat and blood sow the land. So your spirit can reap the fruits tomorrow. For harvest will come.


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