The King of Troy

There are these kids in my school. In the elementary section. They’re tiny and annoying and so fucking excited about everything. Right now one just came up to me with his tiny group of friends and said ‘wyt..she’s on her computer! Yer not alloowed to be on yer computer..’

And honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of children ever. I mean they drool and smell and ant wipe their butts. They also never stop asking you dumb questions about everything. But right now that boy made me cry.

I cant do this anymore. At all. Things are crumbling around me. I feel like the king of troy when the he was woken up in his harem full of women feeling the blaze of greek fire.

There is nothing worth living for anymore. So one might think why live at all? This is where the magic of creation steps it’s ugly foot down on your throat, leaving you with the suicidal yet unescapable hope of adolescence.

The hope and musshy feeling in my heart about the possible brightness of the future is killing me. It’s clouding my vision and is definitely going to disappoint  me in the future.

Yesterday I read an article about why the generation Y is sad. I’m not generation Y but I could relate to every one of the reasons. I dont want to live like this. I don’t want to grow and be sad or disappointed. And I think I probably will.

What should one do, after all? when the whole world is crumbling around you. When you ant trust your family  or friends or even your love?


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