So today was my birthday. I turned 17. But its not like I spent all my time outside with friends drinking or smoking up or anything. Not even on a special date with my boyfriend. Circumstances don’t allow for such frivolities. 

Instead, I shall meet my boyfriend in school, try to make the most of the three periods we share. I also hope the few friends who have lunch with me even though Im never allowed to leave my house and go out and have fun with them actually remember my birthday. 

Oh well. My sister was really nice to me today, so were my parents. And in the afternoon I think my uncle is coming over. He’ll wish me happy birthday and turn around and talk to my father about the property they are fighting over right now. 

I shall order pizza tonight, three of them, and watch movies till I fall asleep. 

I know everyone has birthdays and it isn’t actually that special. But like I just need one day when I don’t have to think about all the troubles and the crap. I want one day to be a princess. Which frankly, is what my boyfriend is treating me as today.

I know this post started of very sad and depressing, but I would like to end it buy saying how much I love him. It’s been two years and it has been the happiest two years of my life. I love him to the moon and back actually so much more than that. It’s beautiful. I wish I could be with him forever. 


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