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I have something for you!!


One my most favourite people I haven’t met yet is Gala Darling. She runs the blog It’s a wonderful blog where she talks about positivity, life, love, and being a kickass business woman. I love that blog. It helped me so much to pull my self out of depression a few years back. And now every time I need to be motivated or to be happier I just scroll a bit down through her blog. It’s amazing.

So the thing is at the end of every month, she does this post where she gives links to everything she found very interesting on the internet. And I love those posts and I also see many many interesting things on the internet, most from her carousal though. (Thats what she calls her post).

So I decided I should also start my own. To show my all my readers what an interesting internet life I have. (Yes, all two of you.) Though I’m gonna call it something else. \

Hmmm.. the Chicken list? the japamala? My internet life?  I will decide soon.

So all of you, wait.

I have a collection ready, and I probably will post it tomorrow because I don’t have the patience to wait till the end of the month.




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