My Ovaries Hate Me

You know who screwed up my life? Virgin Mary. No, nothing to do with how she made everyone in my family think that sex is a dirty thing and nothing truly good can come out it, even if all of us wouldn’t be here if our parents hadn’t committed that one ‘sin’.

No. the Virgin Mary screwed up my life by making me think that one can get pregnant without sex. Even though I know the truth and the biology and everything. Every time I think my period is late at the back of my mind I have this tiny doubt that I may be the next mother of god. So yeah, every month, when my period is late by like a day I start worrying.

So one month I decided I am not ‘pure’ enough to be the mother of god and I told my self not to stress about it. And I didn’t. It will come when it’s supposed to come. But guess what?

My fucking ovaries decided not to die that month!

I mean… wtf?

So the next whole month I stressed and worried about my period. And bang it came on time.

So since then, my period has not come unless I stress about it. It’s so weird. If I haven’t done enough stressing up until my normal date, it will come late by one or two weeks just to make me stress.

My ovaries hate me.


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