My Mother Lost Herself


Some of you know me, some of you don’t. But I’m Leah and I am 17 years old.
But most of you dont know my mother. Her name is Julie James and she’s 44 years old, she has been married to my father for the last 19 years and she has three children who love her very much. She also started and built up a business with my father called AFDindia. If one takes a look at her life, they will find ‘successful’ the right adjective to describe it. Raising three kids while being the Director of a business, with no negligible marriage troubles. What more can a woman want?
But last month my mother and I were talking over cups of chai about her life and dreams, she told me she seemed to have ‘lost herself’. She could no longer find enjoyment in the hobbies she enjoyed. She couldn’t even get herself to read or paint, passions she had all her life. She worked because ‘thats what is there to be done’, she travels because ‘papa enjoys it’, the only time she reads now is when my little sister Laura can’t sleep.  She wasn’t doing anything for herself. She had no agenda of her own, she had no friends other than ones she made in school. Her life had no purpose.
Here was the woman, I thought was the strongest person in the world, the one who held my family together telling me that she barely wanted to live.
But with realisation comes action. Last week, she quit working in the business and set a goal for reading at least one hour every day. She seems happier, every day.
One of her lifelong dreams was to go for an all girls road trip. As part of her road to self re-discovery and and building herself as a person, she has registered for the Times of India Women’s Car Rally to Goa. But for her to be selected, she needs to be voted for. The first hundred women with the most votes are selected.
Please help my mother realise her dream and find her identity again. Please votes for her at this site:
I swear, it takes less than five minutes to help make such a huge difference in the life of my mother.
In a world where I can count the number of independent woman I know on one hand, this will make a huge difference in the lives of my siblings and I as well. Please vote for her!!!
Love, leah

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