you know what I love seeing? Good couples.

I dont mean the perfect couples who you know, look perfect, seem to love each other with never having to fight, buys each other cute valentine’s day gifts which are perfectly what the partner wants.

Nope not them!

I also dont mean the cute ass couples who date for like a month, but makes the whole world ship them.

I mean the couples which fight, which dont always know what the other person wants, who sometimes hurts or annoys each other. I mean the couples which know being in a relationship is hard work, and is willing to do the hard work because they love each other so. I mean the people who are identities of their own, but joins together, and yet does not become a joint identity.

I love the couples who keep themselves different, but still manage to keep the magic between them.


I’m not sure this made sense, but I feel it. Ya know what I mean?


P.S. I went for a MUN and guess what? I won best position paper!!!!! I never ever thought I’d ever win anything for a MUN conference. It’s amazing!!!!


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