to the sober me.

Okay. I am drunk. I dont like being drunk.

I know I’ve always wanted to be one of those badass girls who could hold whisky and rum and whatever other alcoholic drinks. One of those girls who wear a leather jacket and drink and smoke when they are angry or frustrated.  But I am not.

And honestly, speaking as the drunk me, I am fucking glad.

I dont like being drunk. I’m sleepy, but I dont actually feel like sleeping and I feel like puking all the fucking time.  Also, I cant think. I dont know if I’m walking straight or if I’m talking properly. Hell, I dont even know if this sentence make sense. I hope it does. I takes me double the concentration to write anything.

So, to the sober, badass wannabe me, I am not equipped to be drunk. I dont like the feeling of being drunk. Right now all I want to do is smash my skull with a hammer. And puke. And all I had was a little bit of rum. Accept it baybe your not that kind of badass.


Okay bye.


Update:  I puked. And I feel much better now. Though I think I could puke for another ten minutes.  Also, this was my first time getting drunk.


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