Can We Call Sheila ki Jawaani a Feminist Hymn

So after probably the millionth time of listening to Sheila ki Jawaani, I realised it was not the typical, woman objectifying, whistling, cat calling, police sexual harassing  ‘item song’. It was the most feminist, pro woman song Bollywood has probably ever allowed in it’s hallowed halls. I love it!

For the longest time I classified this song with the hundred other song where the woman is almost naked with oiled, scantily clad men stare and hoot at her. But nope, did you listen to the fucking lyrics of the song??? It’s amazing.

It talks about self love, a woman’s right over her own body, her sexual independence.

My name is Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
I am too sexy for you
Main tere haath na aani

Very different from Munni, who became a medicinal cream, ‘darling tere liye’. 

Though the movie, and Katrina Kaif’s role in it sort of undermined everything this song stood for. Acting dumb and stupid to highlight the limited brain cells of Akshay Kumar cannot erase your feminist proclamations!!! Muahahahahaaaa

But then again who even knows about Tees Maar Khan? Like actually.


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