Awkward Times

  1. The time I was some how in the middle of a Muslim prayer gathering on Eid night wearing sleeveless and a tiny pair of shorts. It happened in Malaysia, we were walking around looking at the touristy building and some how turned up in the middle of a huge ground where a mullah was reciting Koranic verses on stage. I’ve never felt so inappropriate or disrespectful in my life.
  2. That time I slept for the first half an hour under my desk during class and the teacher didn’t notice. I just kinda sat up on my chair for the rest of the period and she still didn’t notice. It was a class with only five students.
  3. It took me seven tries to get the spelling of awkward right for this article.
  4. Fighting with my boyfriend and he threatening to break up with me, but I could barely respond with emotions, much less the passionate emotions that the situation warranted, because I’d just done three all nighters in a row. #IBLife
  5. The awkward time we met A R Rahman in front of the London Zoo, and none of us recognised him for the first fifteen minutes. It was right after he won the Grammy for Jai Ho, we saw him and vaguely registered that he was famous, (he also looked like he expected us to go to him) so we went to get autographs without actually knowing what he did or  who he was. We figured it out like three hours later.
  6. That time when Arnab Goswami was staying at the same hotel as us. It in Udaipur and much before he became famous for reporting what they call ‘news’. But I totally regret not taking a picture with him. #BeingIndian
  7. Sleeping at the stadium during an IPL match (India Cricket thingy, it’s insane and like cocaine to our country).
  8. Sleeping in the stadium during a FIFA match (Uruguay vs. Ghana) 2010, South Africa.
  9. So yeahh… bye



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