What do I do if I dont have money?

Okay, i’m probably going to have my ears cut off and robbed for writing this.

I have these diamond earrings. It’s for my second piercing. For those of you who live in a cooler country, it’s the second piercing you get on your ear, the one above the normal place. So the thing is, it’s diamond. One of the two diamond things my family has. My mother bought it for me as an investment.

I’m indian. Hence, any money I have can and probably will be transferred to my husband, brother, father. Any land I will have will suffer the same fate. The only thing men cant take away from us women here is jewellery. And my mother wanted me to have something substantial of my own.

Now, I constantly have this fear that at some point, when I’m totally unprepared, I will have to run away from home, or that I’ll be kicked out of my house or some disaster will happen. So I greatly appreciated this large amount of money I can wear on my ear.

But as a teenager I also have the urge to be hip and cool and trendy. And these earrings bought from a lame gold shop in my lame hometown is extremely ugly. Wearing it makes me feel like an aunty.

So now I’m really confused. I dont know whether to keep wearing these ugly earrings but have a cashable thing during a time of crisis or to keep the earrings at home, and risk being forced to run away or forced out on the streets without any source of cash.

Urgh. Life is so hard


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